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Dr. Uta Saneke-Schedl
Dr. Gilbert Varzandeh

Dear Patient,

Beautiful and healthy teeth have a positive effect on your well-being, health and personality. If nothing else, they also have an effect on private and professional success. That is why our goal is to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful, and to ensure that no further dental defects arise. We advocate dentistry that promotes long-term tooth preservation, function and aesthetics. Individual consultation, support and a gentle method of treatment are a matter of course for us.

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Range of services 


  • Aesthetics:
   - Bleaching
   - Veneers
   - All-ceramic restorations
  • Prophylaxis
  • Periodontology
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetics (inlays, crowns, brdiges, etc.)
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment)
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Anti-snoring appliances
  • Sports protection
  • Treatment under twilight sleep
  • Treatment of dental anxiety patients
  • Orthodontics
  • Physiotherapy / osteopathy for patients with temporomandibular joint complaints through specially trained physiotherapists and osteopaths



  • Minimal waiting timesdue to optimal scheduling
  • Low-radiation diagnosticsthanks to modern digital X-ray systems
  • High transparencyof findings and treatment steps due to live recordings with an intraoral camera
  • Highly efficient treatment blocksfor employed persons with a tight appointment calendar: we offer comprehensive treatments in only a few, very efficient sessions




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Our special concern is to offer you high-quality dentistry under special consideration of aesthetic aspects. Healthy and naturally beautiful teeth are our goal.

  • Bleaching
    Today we are able to whiten teeth effectively, gently and ordinarily pain-free, without damaging them. Based on the current state of knowledge, so-called “power bleaching” represents the method of choice. It takes place in the practice and takes approx. 2 hours with the innovative, scientifically proven Zoom® system.

  • Veneers
    Veneers are graceful, almost transparent ceramic shells with which your teeth obtain a perfect, flawless appearance. They are glued on after an ultra-thin layer has been removed from the tooth and therefore not only cover unattractive fillings or noticeable enamel defects, but are also excellently suitable for correction of slightly abnormal positions. The entirely natural-looking veneers will be individually designed for you in the dental laboratory.

  • All-ceramic restorations
    Nowadays it is possible for us to restore and permanently protect your teeth virtually lifelike and aesthetically perfect with modern ceramics.

This applies to severely damaged teeth as well as such teeth which are severely discoloured, for instance due to a root canal treatment, and are impaired in their stability.

Every restoration is adapted to the colour of your natural teeth and individually made by a master dental technician. Not only all-ceramic crowns, but also bridges with fantastic, natural aesthetic appeal are realisable with the materials zirconia and “Imex” (lithium disilicate), which are modern and already proven in long-term studies.




ausstrahlung dünnerProphylaxis

Caries and periodontitis (periodontal disease) are infectious diseases which are caused by bacteria. You can prevent these diseases together with us by means of a professional, systematic and pain-free screening programme:
  • Professional tooth cleaning through specially trained prophylaxis assistants / dental hygienists
  • DNA test for determining the risk of periodontitis (by means of the ascertained findings our team prepares your individual prophylaxis programme together with you)
  • Individual prophylaxis among children
  • Fissure sealing
  • Nutritional advice


Single, several or even all missing teeth can be replaced and provided on a fixed basis through the insertion of implants. The advantages are maximum chewing comfort and an impressive aesthetic appeal. As a result, the grinding of neighbouring teeth can be avoided, particularly with regard to single-tooth gaps.

Thanks to the treatment of periodontitis, already existing periodontal diseases can be successfully treated. Among other things, an ultramodern, particularly gentle ultrasonic dental unit is used in this connection (micro-invasive therapy). As support we offer you a test for determining the risk of periodontitis.

If a tooth is too severely damaged, for instance due to caries, or a nerve is inflamed, a root canal treatment helps to preserve the tooth. The individual canals of the dental root are specially cleaned and rinsed, while the nerve tissue is removed. The resulting hollow space is hermetically sealed against bacteria afterwards. Thanks to high-tech devices with endometric length determination we are able to very accurately carry out the root canal treatmentaccording to the anatomy of the tooth and thereby sustainably increase the prognosis for the preservation of the tooth.





kinderzahnheilkundePaediatric dentistry

Particularly during the treatment of children it is important to treat children in an especially empathetic and playful manner. In our practice we first of all attempt to build a relationship with your child during the first visit. The child can discover that we are friendly and will not hurt him/her.

Of course, if necessary we will explain the causes of dental problems and their prevention to you, assess the tooth position and give oral hygiene and nutritional tips which are adapted to the child’s respective age.


Dental care basically starts with the first tooth.We will also gladly provide support for your child in early childhood and conduct a semi-annual check-up during which any peculiarities or abnormalities will be discussed and noted in the “child’s dental booklet”.

The admission to our prophylaxis programme starts from age 6 onward. Teeth will be cleaned, polished and fluoridated at regular intervals, and dental care at home will be explained to the child. The incidence of caries can be effectively prevented so that your child’s teeth remain beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.



Dental practice laboratory

Our dental practice laboratory enables us to provide optimal communication between dentist, patient and dental technician without loss of information and time. Whenever it is necessary, such as during the selection of tooth colour or during fitting, our master dental technician can be present in order to obtain a realistic picture of form and colour. We can also discuss your wishes and then gladly implement them for you. Thereby it is possible for us to provide you with individual care in top quality.


We are gladly available in the event of questions.

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